“White mineral for a green future”

Cannabis Research

Phase one of wollastonite testing commenced January 20th, 2018. BCBD’s Testing Facility features 5,500 square feet of indoor growing space with Phase one testing 198 cannabis plants.

Testing will take ongoing measurements from four categories plus a control group. The four test categories of wollastonite will consist of testing the different grades:

  • Crushed powder
  • Crushed small granular
  • Pelletized
  • Large ore

Each subdivided into two groups according to increments of enrichment to the base potting mixture.

Research will distribute plant sets at 15% for each category, wollastonite enrichment will be subdivided at 5% and 10% per plant using the different ratios of grade. The control group (40%) will contain a base potting mixture which consists of 90% growing medium, 9% worm castings and less than 1% of glacial rock dust and kelp.

Operation Manager Rick Kendall says “Wollastonite has already many well-known benefits in agriculture, and we are excited to test this in a controlled way for the use in the cannabis industry. We believe we are the first in the industry to do trials.”

Phase two will be commencing in late March with trials on the best 2 grades testing from Phase one. Phase two testing will consist of the increase/decrease % of wollastonite for each plant, consisting of 2%, 5%, 10% 15% and 20%, and a full 1:1 ratio test, along with a control group.

Vertical Director of Research and Development Matthew Harvey will oversee this process.

Mr. Harvey has been a master grower and in the industry since the mid 1990’s with worldwide exposure since 2004. Mr. Harvey is the Founder and CEO of BC Bud Depot (“BCBD”), a producer of marijuana seeds.


Mr. Matthew Harvey is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BC Bud Depot (“BCBD”), a producer of marijuana seeds. Mr. Harvey has been Director of Research & Development at Cavan Ventures Inc. since October 2014.

He has been a master grower and in the industry since the mid-1990’s with world-wide exposure since 2004. During his tenure at BCBD, a cannabis seed producer and creator of award-winning THC and CBD strains, BCBD has received over 23 Cannabis Cup awards, including nine international First Place awards. BCBD was in 2009 inducted to the Seed Bank Hall of Fame.

Additionally, BC Bud Depot has outreach to over 11 North American dispensaries and over 60 worldwide retail and web stores which stock BCBD’S products. He has steered BCBD towards a new developmental approach to medicinal genetics, producing unique strains to be used for specific medical ailments. He has been a Member of Advisory Board at Cavan Ventures Inc. since May 2014.


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