St Onge Wollastonite Deposit

  • Vertical is currently the only listed junior mining play with a world-class wollastonite deposit.
  • The St Onge deposit is located 80km north of the city of Alma in the Lac St Jean region of Quebec.
  • Quebec is an internationally-recognised, friendly and secure mining jurisdiction (Fraser Institute 4th place 2018) and supported production of refined wollastonite products in the 1990s.
  • Excellent regional infrastructure:
    • Lac St Jean region – mining expertise / manpower
    • Significant hydro-power dam system in region to supply electricity to the aluminium producers
    • Accessible by well-maintained gravel road
    • 50 km from rail line
    • 100 km from international sea port
  • Operation-ready with a highly-qualified regional team in place.