Our Strategy

As a past producer of high-quality wollastonite product, the development of the St-Onge deposit for industrial applications is central to the Company’s strategy, and could be executed within a short 2-3 years.

  • In addition to traditional uses, Vertical is focused on new and fast-growing markets, including soil amendments & fertilizers, cannabis, environmental remediation and construction.
  • The potential use of wollastonite in the Agriculture sector, via a simple, low-cost quarry and crushing operation, provides Vertical with another opportunity to exploit the deposit:
    • low risk as it requires low capital, relatively little process, no chemical product and no tailings pond.
    • the generation of revenues would help Vertical to minimize additional capital-calls and shareholder dilution. In-house analysis supports the view that a crushed product could be delivered cost-competitively versus similar products offered in the market.
  • Vertical has retained the services of AGRINOVA, a Quebec-based Agriculture-focused research centre, to assist with the development of agricultural applications for the St-Onge deposit and the registration of products with the Bureau de Normalisation du Quebec (“BNQ” – the registration agency of Quebec).